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Welcome to Coco and Ava Jewellery established 2021.

My name is Annie, 1'm 22 and I am the founder and one man operator of Coco and Ava, based in Sydney Australia.

I started this business as a side hustle during lockdown in December 2021. I found all my beads and tools from when I was a little girl and I started creating pieces again. After an amazing response from my friends and family, I started Coco and Ava Jewellery. I still work full time in first response and emergency services, and on my days off, I run and operate Coco and Ava.

My inspiration comes from my two favourite girls. Coco was my first ever puppy in 2007 when I was just 7 years old. She was a goregous chocolate labradoodle who went up with the angels in November 2021. She was always a pup like no other, and hence a month after we lost her, she inspired me to start my brand.

The comes Ava who is my little side kick. She goes everywhere she can with me. Ava is a golden toy cavoodle that I adopted in 2017. I worked 6 days a week for two months in fast food so I could afford to get my own little fur baby. Unless I'm at my full time job, you can guarantee she is with me.

So together, I decided to name my brand after my gorgeous girls. They're loyalty, kindness and happiness is what I strive for this brand to be about.

I hope you love my jewels as much as I do.

All our love,

Annie, Coco and Ava xx

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